Don’t you speak Slovak?

Ahoj! (Hello!)

Don’t you speak Slovak? – No problem! You are very welcome!

This page is dedicated to inform all non-Slovak speaking attendees of the WordCamp Bratislava 2016.


Slovak is not like other languages. It’s not like Dutch, which is a patchwork of other languages. If you speak Polish or Russian, we can partly understand. However, WordCamp Bratislava is a local event with focus on the Slovak-speaking community, and we hope you don’t feel lost. We will try our best to make you feel at home. Slovaks are very hospitable people and using arms and legs can surely make it.


During previous years we had 3-4 English speakers every year. Our participants are mostly young people who are proficient in English at the communication level. So, don’t worry ;) If you want to come and speak, please fill this english form.



WordCamp Bratislava will be held on April 23th to 24th, 2016.


Slovak University of Technology
Faculty of informatics and information technologies (FIIT)
Ilkovičova 6276, Bratislava, 841 04

If you need any information, please don’t hesitate to contact us in English, we’ll do our best to help and welcome you :-).